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Just V Show, Olympia London
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6 - 8 July 2018 Olympia London
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Featuring The Invisible Nose Mask Pit
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Just V Show Stand V361
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The Invisible Nose Mask
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Visit Us V361 near show bag collection
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Join the Fun at Olympia, London

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Join Us At Stand V361

Just V Show and the Allergy Free From Show, 5 - 7 July 2019 London Olympia.

The Invisible Nose Mask Pit is designed to reduce inhalation of airborne particles and has been proven highy efficient against:
Pollen particles 99% reduction
Reduce Runny Nose and Nose Bleeding
Reduce Yellow Sand Dust PM2.5 upto 0.1micro
This remarkable and stylish product has been tested and approved by Japa Spinner's Inspecting Foundation (JSIF) and the test shows that 99% of pollen is blocked by the Nose Mask Pit, also test carried out and approved by KAKEN in Japan proves conclusive to 99% effective:
Other areas of application are not limited to:
Emissions such are airborne particles
Dust prevention against Asthmas triggers
Garden and Outdoors
Minute substances in crowded areas (Football, Concert or Shopping Malls)