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Invisible Nose Mask
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Invisible Nose Mask
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Invisible Nose Mask
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Product Info

New Innovation:

Comparison of Nose Mask Pit Benefits
Do you have trouble with conventional facial masks? do they feel stuffy, do they spoil your facial make-up, do they cause your eye-glasses to fog? We introduce the New Innovation Mask called the Nose Mask Pit capable of solving these problems.
It is an epoch-making invention which effectively blocks pollen, dust, and other minute substances from entering the nasal passages. Simple to use, just by inserting it gently into your nose, and it becomes unnoticeable. You can use it comfortably wherever and whenever you like during your day.

Product Name -- Nose Mask Pit -- Nose Mask Pit Super
Filter Regular Size Dia 8.5mm -- When dry: Dia 9.2mm after water absorption dia 10.2mm
- S Size Dia 7.8mm -- When dry: Dia 6.9mm after water absorption dia 7.9mm
Filter Cover Regular Size Dia 11.5mm -- Diameter 11.5mm
-- S Size Dia 10.7mm -- Diameter 10.7mm
Filter Material -- Polyester spunbound nonwoven fabric -- Cellulose sponge
Frame Material -- Polypropylene -- Polypropylene

-- ** The filter (Sponge) of the Pit Super absorbs water once and uses it, after draining moisture then, from the water absorption the thickness will be quadruppled. When dry, thickness is 1.1mm leading to thickness of 4.4mm after water absorption.